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Helectronic #01 (3 CD Pack)

Συμμετοχή στην τριπλή συλλογή "HELLECTRONIC //01" της εταιρείας "The Sound Of Everything", με την σύνθεση "Mystic Flight" διασκευασμένη από τους Consoul Trainin.

Έκδοση : Ιούλιος 2006

Το παρακάτω άρθρο αντιγράφτηκε από την ιστοσελίδα της εταιρείας "The Sound Of Everything".

The first compilation on HELLECTRONIC series presenting the up-and-coming producers and the nu blood of the Greek electronic and dance scene, is finally out!

A 3CD sampler compilation presenting the full spectrum of contemporary soundz, (irrespective of genre as this is the cornerstone of The Sound Of Everything), with 41 exclusive and unreleased tracks.

Hellectronic 01 is supported by BEST 92,6 and aims to showcase the rapidly evolving local electronic scene. Some tracks, hardly classified as electronic, with rock or new age elements, have also been included in this compilation, since name tags on music have never been a forte for our label!

The first CD is a blend of downtempo, electronica, alternative, chill out and nu beat and is more radio friendly. The second and third CD explore the local dance scene from its mainstream edge to the more underground one, reaching breakbeat, progressive and drum'n'bass soundz.

Dimi Phaze feat Baby Queen: Bad Dream (The Face remix), an amazing remix by the alter ego of Konstantinos Vassiliadis, and Dimi Phaze Vs Mary Jeras: Everytime (Evan kay mix), an uplifting summer anthem, most likely the successor of All this Love, can be found exclusively in this compilation.

Christos Stylianou feat Maria Latsinou: Smell Of Roses stood out immediately from this compilation, on the radio. It's an atmospheric blend of new age and ethnic with operatic elements, and the gifted voice of Maria Latsinou.

Our usual suspects George Bitsikas, The Face, Dimi Phaze, Mary Jeras, De tech, Baby Queen, Romeo Miller and Christian Cambas, Evan Kay, Nectarios and Keim Thomas and Tolis Q, whose reputation is spreading beyond the local scene, have all combined forces with the nu blood we discovered and the result is an "unusual" compilation with too many aces up its sleeve...

The contained release of the "Mystic Flight" song, has been made by the "Consoul Trainin" group and you can find at the 3rd CD of this collection.

You can listening preview the song via below player

more information you can find at the official thesoundofeverything website on the link below:

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